Horses For Sale on EQUIAuction: Our First Auction is Now Live

For a business that’s been two years in the making, we’re now ready to show you just how fast you can buy and sell horses with EQUIAuction!

Our inaugural online horse auction is live. View our 19 quality pleasure and performance horses that are listed for sale — and waiting for your bids. In just one week, we aim to connect motivated sellers with genuine buyers to help these horses find new homes at the click of a button.

Our Story

Buying and selling horses is the cornerstone of the horse industry. No doubt you’ve experienced buying or selling your own horse. Buying and selling horses can be challenging at the best of times, but it doesn’t have to be.

EQUIAuction was created to make buying and selling horses faster, easier and stress-free — not only for you, but also for the horse changing hands. At EQUIAuction, we avoid the stumbling blocks of private sales, public auctions and traditional classifieds.


Quick & easy way to sell your horse fast

Weekly sales auctions – our catalogue list is refreshed every week, don’t get lost in crowded classified listings

Save money on transportation –  horses only transported once the sale has been confirmed

Cost effective way to list your horse.

Founded by Anthony Gafa, owner of Bloodstock Auction, the EQUIAuction model is already deeply rooted in success. Like the Thoroughbred industry, the equestrian industry too wanted a better way of buying and selling horses — and Anthony and our team have answered their call.

At Auction: Horses for Sale

After two years of development, EQUIAuction is ready for you, with our first online horse auction now live on our website.  We sell all breeds and disciplines of horses for sale:

  • Show Horses
  • Showjumping
  • Eventing
  • Cow Horses
  • Dressage
  • Pony Club Horses
  • Pleasure Riding Horses
  • & much more!

Available at auction is 19 quality pleasure and performance horses, including:


LOT 6: This Serious Grand Prix Mare, ‘Conquista’ trained & owned by Australian Champion Showjumper David Cameron.




Lot 2: Western Pleasure Potential ‘Pebbles’




Lot 5: AQHA Buckskin Mare Infoal




Lot 1: Show Potential Plus filly


View our sales catalogue

Would you like to place bid?

View our amazing catalogue  by becoming a member of EQUIAuction today!   It’s fast, it’s easy and, best of all, it’s 100% free! By becoming a member, you can participate in our weekly horse auctions anywhere, any time online and you can even use any mobile device. Become a member – it’s free!

Don’t miss out – find your dream horse or sell your horse fast!

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