EQUIAuction’s First Ever Gold Listing!

Blaze is a 9 year old Clydesdale x Australian Stock Horse gelding.

His family live an extremely busy lifestyle and travel a lot, and don’t have the time they would like to spend with Blaze.

They decided it would be best for Blaze if they can find a new loving home for him, where he can get carrots as treats and just generally enjoy feeling loved.

blaze1Photo taken 2016



A member of the family that currently own Blaze came across our new website, EQUIAuction!

Our new platform is an online auction for any discipline and any breed horse! Perfect for Blaze to find his new home!

So, they had a choice of options on how to advertise him in EQUIAuction’s first ever auction. They chose the Gold Package for just $99, which allows for extra photos, videos and text to highlight how amazing Blaze is, his best features and qualities!

He is now EQUIAuction’s first ever Gold Listing!

Don’t miss out on him. Become a member and start your bidding from 9am AEST on Thursday 3rd August, 2017 at www.equiauction.com.


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