Raising Money for Riding for the Disabled

PRESS RELEASE 16.11.2017

Raising Money for Cowra Riding for the Disabled Association

Five Quality Horses are offered in our next Auction which starts 22 Nov 2017 at 7pm.

Lauren Woodbridge of Black Pearl Horses is generously donating 100% of the proceeds from the auction of her five quality horses, to help raise money for the Cowra RDA.

The Horses will be auctioned by www.EQUIauction.com with the Auction Final Countdown starting at 7pm, Wed, 22nd November 2017.

To support this amazing charity and find your dream horse, become a member – it’s free and view our catalogue: “We’re proud to be able to help raise much needed funds for the Cowra RDA. We’re listing the horses free of charge so Lauren can raise as much money as possible for this fantastic cause. We hope our auction will appeal to RDA supporters, as well as finding homes for these five amazing horses.”  said Anthony Gafa, Director of EQUIauction

>> Support a great cause and bid now:


More Time to List Your Horse for Sale on EQUIauction

Are you ready to sell your horse on EQUIauction? We have good news for you!

We’ve extended the time for close of entries. You can now list your horse for sale until 8:00am AEST every Thursday, so they’re included when the next weekly auction goes live.

At EQUIauction, we’re proving it’s possible to sell your horse in just 7 days — in a way that’s fast, easy and stress-free.

For sellers, like you, who are serious about finding a new home for your horse, we want to make it even more convenient to list your horse for sale.

With extra time after each weekly auction closes, you have the flexibility to list your horse for sale up until Thursday, 8am AEST!

Extra Time to List Your Horse!  

  • Entries Close: Every Thursday at 8am AEST
  • Catalogue Opens for Bidding: Every Thursday at 10am AEST
  • Final Countdown & Bidding Finalised: Every Wednesday at 7pm AEST

Spring into Auction — and List Your Horse Free*

Want even more good news? This month only, we’ve extended our unlimited free Gold listings special, so you can list your horse unreserved 100% free!

That’s right, we’re waiving the cost of all $99 Gold listings until 30 September.

To take advantage of this special offer, you must be a Member of EQUIauction to Buy and Sell. To join, click here to create your free account.

Once your account is set up, you can list your horse for sale any time until 8am AEST every Thursday by following the steps below.

  1. Press ‘Enter a Horse’
  2. List your horse ‘Unreserved’ and complete their profile
  3. Select your preferred auction date

Don’t forget, you can choose any auction date up to six weeks in advance, but you must list your horse for sale before 30 September to claim your free Gold listing.

Ready for a bonus? If you have multiple horses for sale, you can create as many Gold listings as you like, saving you $99 per listing.

Get started now — and save $99 per listing! Offer ends 30 September 2017.

Spring Sale | Free* Gold Listings Extended Until 30th September

Did you miss out on our free* Gold listings in August? Don’t despair! Due to popular demand, we’ve extended our unlimited free* Gold listings special until the end of September, so you can spring into auction!

This September, you can save $99 on all Gold listings when you use EQUIauction. To list your horse now, click here and become a member — it’s 100% free! Once you’ve created your account, simply follow these three steps:

  1. Press ‘Enter a Horse’
  2. *List your horse ‘Unreserved’ and complete their profile
  3. Select your preferred auction date

You can choose any auction date up to six weeks in advance, allowing you to sell your horse at the right time. If you have more than one horse for sale, you can create as many Gold listings as you need during our Spring Sale!

Why Choose EQUIauction?

✔ Fast, easy and free – EQUIauction is the fastest, easiest and, this month only, it’s 100% free to list your horse for sale unreserved before 30 September

✔ Sell your horse in 7 days – EQUIauction proves it’s possible to sell your horse in just 7 days during our weekly auctions, so you no longer get lost in crowded classifieds

✔ Better for you, better for your horse – EQUIauction bypasses the hassles of public and private sales, so your horse can change hands without any stress

Are you ready to sell your horse and save $99? Click here! Your horse will be featured in the weekly auction of your choice and promoted with their very own marketing team. Hurry — offer must end on 30 September, 2017.

Calling for Entries in our August Online Auctions

Enter Your Horse Free – This Month Only

Do you want to sell your horse faster and cheaper? This month only, we’re offering unlimited free Gold listings to all horse owners who enter their horse as unreserved in our weekly online auctions.  

To list your horse for free, become a free member of EQUIAuction, enter your horse as unreserved and select your preferred auction date before 31st August 2017 – and save $99!

Got more than one horse? You can make as many Gold listings as you need to move all of them on to their new homes!

How It Works

EQUIAuction is the only online auction for all breeds and all disciplines of horses that’s run every week. Within just seven days, you can successfully sell your pleasure or performance horse.

With a free Gold listing, available only until 31st August 2017, your horse is featured in a weekly auction online and on social media so you reach an audience of highly motivated bidders.

Enter your horse today!

  • Entries Close: Every Wednesday at 5:00pm AEST
  • Catalogue Opens for Bidding: Every Thursday at 9:00am AEST
  • Final Auction Countdown Online : Starts every Wednesday at 6:00pm AEST

 Horses For Sale

This week, we have 12 exceptional horses available at auction — from FEI level competition prospects to showing horses with impeccable breeding.

LOT 11 | Top Quality Small Horse Filly


Click here to find out more and place your bid.

 LOT 10 | Australian riding pony


Click here to find out more and place your bid.

 LOT 8 | Stunning Competition Warmblood


Click here to find out more and place your bid.

LOT 3 | Super Quiet Warmblood Mare


Click here to find out more and place your bid.

LOT 12 | Registered stunning Australian pony


Click here to find out more and place your bid.

LOT 9 | Beautiful Grey Gelding


Click here to find out more and place your bid.

List Your Horse Now

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Sell Your Horse Fast and Save $99!

Claim Your Free Gold Listing Now – Only Until 31st August, 2017


Are you wishing to sell your horse fast? We want to welcome you to EQUIAuction – the fastest and easiest way to sell horses – with unlimited free Gold listings until the end of August!

This month only, we’re waiving the $99 fee on all unreserved listings, so you can experience EQUIAuction for free!

Just list your horse for sale as ‘unreserved’ in our weekly auction and for $0 upfront, you’ll receive our FREE* Gold Listing package.

A Gold listing enables you to reap all the benefits of our auction platform – giving your horse the best opportunity to be sold in just one week.

Claim your free Gold listing now 

What You Receive

A Gold listing will make your horse a star.

It includes:

  1. Up to 12 photos
  2. Up to 6 videos
  3. Up to 3 PDF uploads
  4. Up to 6,000 characters in your description
  5. You can also add your horse’s pedigree
  6. 3 photos displayed within the auction catalogue view
  7. A gold marker will appear on the listing to highlight your horse
  8. Your listing will appear on the home page slider on a rotating basis
  9. Your listing will also appear on the side bar that follows users when scrolling
  10. In addition, your horse will be featured in social media posts and additional marketing over the week the auction is live

What is it like to sell your horse with us?

Mrs Rogers sold her horse in just one week on EQUIAuction! She received payment within 2 days and her horse has been picked up by its new owner.

“Great way to sell your horse fast! My horse sold above my expectations.” said Mrs Rogers, NSW.

List Your Horse Now

To claim your free Gold listing now, list your horse unreserved, select your preferred auction date before the end of August and save $99!

Hurry – offer ends 31st August, 2017.

Horses For Sale on EQUIAuction: Our First Auction is Now Live

For a business that’s been two years in the making, we’re now ready to show you just how fast you can buy and sell horses with EQUIAuction!

Our inaugural online horse auction is live. View our 19 quality pleasure and performance horses that are listed for sale — and waiting for your bids. In just one week, we aim to connect motivated sellers with genuine buyers to help these horses find new homes at the click of a button.

Our Story

Buying and selling horses is the cornerstone of the horse industry. No doubt you’ve experienced buying or selling your own horse. Buying and selling horses can be challenging at the best of times, but it doesn’t have to be.

EQUIAuction was created to make buying and selling horses faster, easier and stress-free — not only for you, but also for the horse changing hands. At EQUIAuction, we avoid the stumbling blocks of private sales, public auctions and traditional classifieds.


Quick & easy way to sell your horse fast

Weekly sales auctions – our catalogue list is refreshed every week, don’t get lost in crowded classified listings

Save money on transportation –  horses only transported once the sale has been confirmed

Cost effective way to list your horse.

Founded by Anthony Gafa, owner of Bloodstock Auction, the EQUIAuction model is already deeply rooted in success. Like the Thoroughbred industry, the equestrian industry too wanted a better way of buying and selling horses — and Anthony and our team have answered their call.

At Auction: Horses for Sale

After two years of development, EQUIAuction is ready for you, with our first online horse auction now live on our website.  We sell all breeds and disciplines of horses for sale:

  • Show Horses
  • Showjumping
  • Eventing
  • Cow Horses
  • Dressage
  • Pony Club Horses
  • Pleasure Riding Horses
  • & much more!

Available at auction is 19 quality pleasure and performance horses, including:


LOT 6: This Serious Grand Prix Mare, ‘Conquista’ trained & owned by Australian Champion Showjumper David Cameron.




Lot 2: Western Pleasure Potential ‘Pebbles’




Lot 5: AQHA Buckskin Mare Infoal




Lot 1: Show Potential Plus filly


View our sales catalogue

Would you like to place bid?

View our amazing catalogue  by becoming a member of EQUIAuction today!   It’s fast, it’s easy and, best of all, it’s 100% free! By becoming a member, you can participate in our weekly horse auctions anywhere, any time online and you can even use any mobile device. Become a member – it’s free!

Don’t miss out – find your dream horse or sell your horse fast!

EQUIAuction’s First Ever Gold Listing!

Blaze is a 9 year old Clydesdale x Australian Stock Horse gelding.

His family live an extremely busy lifestyle and travel a lot, and don’t have the time they would like to spend with Blaze.

They decided it would be best for Blaze if they can find a new loving home for him, where he can get carrots as treats and just generally enjoy feeling loved.

blaze1Photo taken 2016



A member of the family that currently own Blaze came across our new website, EQUIAuction!

Our new platform is an online auction for any discipline and any breed horse! Perfect for Blaze to find his new home!

So, they had a choice of options on how to advertise him in EQUIAuction’s first ever auction. They chose the Gold Package for just $99, which allows for extra photos, videos and text to highlight how amazing Blaze is, his best features and qualities!

He is now EQUIAuction’s first ever Gold Listing!

Don’t miss out on him. Become a member and start your bidding from 9am AEST on Thursday 3rd August, 2017 at www.equiauction.com.